No Smoking Day

Hello !!

Hi there folks. A quick introduction:

I stopped smoking last year (18th December 2008) so I'm currently on my 6th week now. I've had some massive changes in my life in those last 6 weeks including moving home and changing job, and all through christmas time !!

I've not had the internet because of this and so I've had to do this without support until now, but I'm delighted to find this forum and have been reading allot of the posts that others have made.

I'm using the NRT patches at the moment and things are going ok. There have been some really tough times and I dont mind admitting I've been in tears more than once.

This isnt my first time trying to stop smoking but I think it will be the last time.

One of the main things that is getting me through the cravings is I'm telling myself "If I still feel like this in 1 year then I'll start smoking again and wont look back" I know this will be frowned upon by some people but it takes away the feeling of "things will NEVER be the same again" for me and is some comfort. Of course I hope I wont still be craving badly in a years time !! in fact, already just 5 and a half weeks in and its getting easier.

Anyway thankyou for reading this and I look forward to discussing things with you all in the future.

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Hello James

Welcome to the forum.

You've got a good start to your quit there.

Post often.



Welcome James

Congrats on your quit so far. 6 weeks is fab work. you will have great support here theres some fab people. Looking forward to getting to know you Linda xxxx


one day at a time mate

quit 11 nov 2008 using champix and doughnuts.

you will have some good days and bad days with the craving.

we all go through this and each time it seems harder to say no but in truth its that little nicci demon trying to push you.

i nearly caved in at 2 months and was lucky i vented my frustration on this forum and it took me 3 days to get over my cravings even though i had hit the 2 month mark.

now i take it a day at a time and yes for me there are times i could go back to smoking but as i say to myself time and time again ... why would i want to ?.

at the end of the day mate its a habit and additication and tell yourself enough times NO SMOKING the message will get through it just takes times and lots of reading and patience and doughnuts and startrek and sweets and .... ok shutting up now but just remember one day at a time.




Many thanks for the responses folks. Its great to receive such a warm welcome!

patience and doughnuts and startrek and sweets

Like your style there Tim, these things I must have at the ready! :)


hello james-love doughnuts-especially the toffee centered- yum yum:p


hello james-love doughnuts-especially the toffee centered- yum yum:p

Ohhhhh, now you're talking :D


Hi People


I am Keanu Smith and i am new to this forum. I find this forum very interesting.

I quit smoking two months back and now i am very happy.

Smoking created too many problems in me but now i am fine and free from that nicotine.

I will let you know some experiences of mine. I hope you will like that.

Thanks and Regards. :)


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