No Smoking Day

Remember me?

Hi all,

There's a lot of new faces here now, which is awesome becuase that many more people are willing to quit. It's not easy, as some of you may remember i have been around here before, i fell off the wagon just under a year ago but this time next week i turn 23, and i want to be able to say that is started my 23rd year on this earth as a non smoker.

And i intend to keep it that way!

Good luck to all of you in Day 1, i'll be joining you all in Day 2 before you know it! hang in there guys :)

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Welcome back and good luck with it.

Read and educate yourself about nicotine addiction, check out the links in my sig for more info.




Ello mate, and welcome back. I'll be one of them new faces then :P

You're in the same boat as me pretty much, started my quit yesterday, and 23 years old too. Did you get to the bottom of why you fell off the wagon last time? If you can figure it out then you should be able to avoid it this time around. Remember the 6 Ps: Perfect Planning Prevents P!ss Poor Performance. Good luck, stay strong!


You can do it!

For sure..there are lots of people whop have recently stopped at the moment. me and you, who are stopping after a lapse.

But the lapse gives valuable information and, as mM. Nic tells us all.....





Hey Chuddy & Bill!

Chuddy i laughed out loud at the six P's thanks mate! I really don't know why i lapsed last time, i just grew weak and gave in, but the fact that i was weak annoyed me and makes me determined to kick it this time, all the old familiar symptoms are back but i'm not worried about them this time, i laugh at them because they are all vain attempts by the vile creature that is nicotene to hang on to my mental anguish, but it's slipping and it's grip is failing i can feel it =)

And it feels so good! Congrats on getting to Day 2! I'll be joining you there a day behind tomorrow and i'm going to check the Day 3 board and i hope to see you in there mate!


Good luck Jimi, i dont remember you from before as im very new to this, first time quitter and on day 21 now.

Woot!! Day 1 is almost over :)




Welcome back Jimi

I don't remember you either but you know all the pitfalls this time around good luck onwards and upwards


Hi Jimi.

Good luck with take 2!

Wish I stopped smoking at 23, unfortunately I missed that boat 11 years ago. I would have smoked 80,000 ciggies less (20 a day)!

Stop while your young mate!


80,000 cigarettes in just 11 years... that is shocking! On a 20 a day habit too, some people smoke(d) 60 plus... insane! If someone told you that you'd smoke 80,000 in just over a decade, you'd think it was absurd... but do the maths... crazy! And then figure out the cost of those 80,000...crazier!

It's facts like that which make me feel so f-cking stupid about smoking in the first place. Having a sly smoke when you're a teenager as a rite of passage is understandable, peer pressure and all that, but allowing experimentation to develop into a habit... if only we knew back then what we know now!


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