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Woohoo! another day done!


That's day 5 out of the way. Ahhhh, feels good to be fresh!

Felt quite good today, didn't have my inhalator much either (making up for that this evening tho).

Finding I'm getting much more work done without having to run off for a ciggie every hour or so. It's helping getting stuck into work too.

In the first few days I was thinking about getting the inhalator perminently stiched in to my lips! Probably would have done if it didn't look quite so much like a certain ladies implement as seems to be the joke at work!

How's everyone else getting along - all good I trust!

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Great Going:D

it will just get better and better:)

Huge well done Paul, you are doing so well hun, almost at the end now of week 1 :)

Now you have proved you can do it :) Keep it up hun



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