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day 1 was better

Evening of day 2. Everything pretty good today, had a laugh with the family, felt really good most of the day, few anxious moments, but nothing too major. This evening though, saw hubby popping outside for a quick ciggie, I do miss those moments, sitting under the gazebo having a fag and a glass of wine, chatting, and those moments have been my downfall for not quitting on previous occasions. I always convince myself that it will be ok, i'll just go back to having 2 or 3 in the evening, and end up on 20 a day. I do know this time that it is not possible, it still gives me a bit of a pang though. I know I am the lucky one, not breathing in all that rubbish, I know I smell better etc. I guess it's a long habit to shake off. I'll practice some of that deep breathing and do a bit of reading, before you know it, it'll be bed time.

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Lozza you are doing great hun just hang in there and keep thinking of all the benefits to quitting.

Guarantee your hubby is going to be so jealous of you and that you have managed to quit.

Keep going hun, post as often as you can as it will help.




Thanks you Denise66 you are absolutely right. I know hubby feels a bit of a twit out there on his own, this time i'll have to show him he's going to stay on his own. Since this original post I feel so much better, because I have expressed my feelings, something you can't always do at home, and it's raining, who want's to be sitting in the garden in the pouring rain? Thanks again.


It's obvious that there are going to be moments that you miss with cigarettes, but it does get easier.

The more of these moments you go ahead and do without smoking, you realise that you don't actually miss the cigarette at all.... you just associate the moment with them.

The association goes pretty quickly, you don't need to worry. Just as you have practised smoking for so long... practice not smoking. After all, practice makes perfect!

You're doing great, keep it going!


Hang in there you are doing great and you'll find it loads easier pretty soon.


Hi Lozza,

I can totally understand how you are feeling. My husband is quite a heavy smoker and has NO intention of quitting. We have always been smoking buddies and I could never imagine my evenings of us both sitting at the kitchen table with a bottle of wine without my packet of Marlboros!

However, I now know it is perfectly possible. I have survived 2 weeks without ciggies and I still sit at the kitchen table with a bottle of wine while my husband smokes but I don't - because I don't WANT to!

I can enjoy the moments but I don't NEED a ciggie to enjoy those times.

You can do it too - just remind yourself why you don't want to smoke!


Jerry-lee that is exactly where I want to be. You are fantastic. Many thanks to all of you for your support. I do feel much better now, a brief moment of feeling sorry for myself, and of course I have to get used to odd moments like that. Not feeling sorry now though, feeling great, day three, bring it on!



you are doing well we all miss fags at first but it gets better and better keep going and be strongxxxxxx :D


Just think how much more you will be able to enjoy those moments under the gazebo, breathing in clean air, how much sweeter that wine will taste! You can already tell now that you're starting to think 'why did I ever do it in the first place'.

But remember, no pain, no gain. Anyone would be a fool to think it's a doddle. Preparation is key! Good luck, lozza, we're all here for ya and have faith in ya!


I understand completely, I suffer the same down my local. At ciggie time it's like a stampeed. There's more atmosphere outside of pubs nowerdays. My first few days quiting I stayed at home. I went to my local earlier to catch up with the lads and at ciggie time I joined them and it didn't really bother me too much not having a ciggie - thought about it but felt no great urge. I think staying away for a few days helped tho.

Good Luck


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