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Nearly onto day 5

Hello Fellow Quitters

Day 4 has been the easiest by far and i am feeling pretty smug at the mo.I had

to go into work for a couple of hours and was working with a different lad who

smokes 20 a day and he was chuffing round me all morning and i had no urge to

smoke whatsoever.Infact i was pleased not to be smoking and finding the smell

quite repulsive.This afternoon i took the Mrs and the bab to the local nature

reserve and we went for a 2 hour walk to stretch the old lungs so smoking has

been on the back burner.So im looking to do more of the same tomorrow.

So thanks again everyone and lets all keep it going we will get there if we

really want to.


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Well done Steve :) you have done so well considering you had someone smoking with you at work, you shouldnt of had to sit there in his smoke though, thought it had all been banned from the work place.

Well done you :)




For me its one of the great pleasures to to be able to get out there and enjoy a long walk with the family without wheezing, having to hang back for a smoke etc.

Well done Steve.


Yes i know what you mean but as it was a saturday and there is only a few people in we have always just smoked mainly cuz we all smoked.But it was the first time i had been exposed to someone smoking near me and i passed with flying colours.


Fantastic stuff Steve!

And the great thing about the walk round the nature reserve was that all that fresh air was really good clean air - not polluted by your smoke!

Your family will really thank you that you have a much better chance of being there for them as you all get older.

I can see you now telling your grandchildren about this forum. My grandma and grandad used to smoke. My grandma stopped smoking in her forties and she is now 89 years old and quite healthy. My grandad wasn't able to stop. He died in his sixties with lung disease.

It says it all really - you have done the BEST thing for your family you could ever do - well done!


Well done. I found day 5 horrendous but got through it. Now on day 7 - this forum really does help you keep focused


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