No Smoking Day

Newbie Day 5

Hello All,

I'm new to the forum but have been reading your posts for the past week and this has prompted me to try and quit.

I watched my Father "drown" very slowly in his own phlem associated with lung cancer. I have 2 young whipersnappers and would not like them to witness the same !

You seem like a good bunch and I could certainly do with the support. I'm on full cold turkey method or bootcamp method, as I like to call it, quick pain and hopefully long term gain.

Day 5 now and felling very sore around the sides and starting to cough up some of the crap, also getting strong waves of craving. I need to be strong and it's better than coughing until you throw up every morning !

Regards to you all,

Kill The Crave.

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Hello and welcome to the site :)

5 days is brilliant mate ...really pleased you have came so far !!

Cold Turkey is the method i used , i had the same as you with sore sides around day 5, i think its the breaking up of tar in your lungs...or so i was told. As each morning passes it will get less and less noticable ....i used to get sore sides if i had smoked alot at the weekend....did you get this also?

Everyone has their own reasons to stop smoking but you have some really strong personal reasons : use these in times when you are struggling most . Think of all the people assosciated with your quit...its not just you who will benefit ....your kids will also and those around you.

I hope you have read up on whats required to not just quit but to stay quit forever! if not please check out the sites in mine or other peoples signatures. You will find priceless info on what to expected in the times ahead ....there is also an online program at that you can go through was very helpful for me and i know others have used it and its helped them.

Keep drinking Water , this will help when the cravings come and its good for your body also. You are doing so well just be careful at certain times and be on your guard when your addiction comes knocking will have this beat soon.

Glad you have joined this forum, alot of people on here have great advice and words of encouragement so stay close .

i wish you good luck away at any time you feel the urge.


Hello KTC, and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your father, but of course it is the harsh and terrible reality of it.

I can't really add much to what the guys have already said, but I wholeheartedly agree with what they say about sticking around here to post, and of course check out the links in sigs, as suggested. Education appears to be key to success! You should consider joining up with the rest of us January quitters (although I haven't started yet...) for mutual support.

Good luck, all the best!



Well done and a huge welcome to the forums. You are so doing the right thing hun,

All i can add is post often and remember that the craves will go.




Many thanks for your warm welcolme and kind words.

All your advise is appreciated and I have checked out some links to other sites am also drinking water by the gallon !!

I feel a lot better tonight and this forum is a great help!!

Terrible thing to say but when a few other people are also struggling it seems to make our collective resolve stronger.

Jim. ( KTC )


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