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Going to see Doctor tomorow

Hi all

Im new here Im going to see my Doctor tomorow to ask about help for giving up smoking, Ive been smoking for about 30 years now and am presently smoking about 60 a day, and yes I chain smoke really bad, I often put one out and light another immediately.

So any advice or encouragement would be a great help.

I havent set a quit date yet as Im waiting to see what the drugs or patches, gum or inhalator the doctor recomends I use.

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Read up on - chances are the Doc will set you up with some NRT - I've been down that route about 5 times with no success. Hard as it may seem now cold turkey is the most succesful method along with reading to educate yourself on the whole nicotine addiction thing. Good luck whatever way you go anyway;)


hello naomi

welcome to the forum you will find all the help and encouragement you need on here it's a great place good luck



I agree with everything said already, including that NRT is probably not the way to go for such a heavy smoker.

Cold turkey and knowledge is probably the "best" way to do it, but it is very daunting for a lot of people to be told that the "best" way is the way without any help.

Perhaps Champix? I have used this very successfully, as have a number of others as a way to give you a great head start. It doesn't contain nicotine and so provides you with a way to get free of nicotine while not going cold turkey.

At the end of the day, it's your call - but please bear in mind that with NRT you are not actually dealing with the addiction to nicotine, only postponing the time when you do.


Welcome Naomi

I also agree with the others. But dont be to worried it can be done i smoked for 35 years 40 + a day and i went cold turkey this time. I have heared a lot of good reports about champix tho maybe give them a try. Keep us posted. xxxxxx


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