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Twelve Weeks!

Hello everyone,

Yes, this is week 12 and I have saved nearly £400!!!! OMG can you believe that????

Christmas was good - I was off work for two weeks so I got to be at home for that time and I really got used to not smoking at home and basically living my life around the house without any cigarettes. It was a really useful learning curve; plus I needed the break - my anxiety was still a little high after the initial quit in October.

Mum came for Xmas lunch and went into the kitchen to smoke, I told her she didn't have to and said she could smoke in the lounge where we were sitting.

The smell bothered me, only in the fact that it stunk and I felt a bit wheezy.

Funny isn't it? I sucked smoke into my lungs for years which made me feel

off without me even knowing it and I paid to do it.

I just cannot imagine myself being that stupid again but who knows!

Anyway, overall, it is going well and at the moment I detest cigarettes and smoking. I hate the smell of it on other people and cannot believe I used to smell like that.

I think I have saved my teeth as well, my dentist warned me about losing them and that I have gum disease. He told me smoking was making it worse and that it would not heal if I continued to smoke.

I am off to get them whitened soon as they look yellow all of a sudden.

I did put on 5lb over Christmas but with the new healthy eating regime and exercise programme, I have lost that 5lbs in just a week and a half!

Anyway, all in all, on reflection, life is so much better in all sorts of ways if you DON'T SMOKE!!!

We all know how hard this journey can be but it does get easier and the rewards keep showing up in unexpected little ways.

Unexpected Little Ways No.1: Cleaner home - less dusting needed!

Unexpected Little Ways No.2: No smells, wash clothes less often!

Does any one have any other little things they may have noticed that have changed things for the better, nothing major, just little stuff??

Please share them!

Lisa xx

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Hey, congrats on reaching 12 weeks Lisa, you're doing well it appears and reaping the benefits all over the place! Any plans for that 400 quid? You deserve to treat yourself :)


Well done Lisa,

You are an inspiration!


hi lisa

well done on 12 weeks i have a good friend who smokes when she comes her lighting up doesn't bother me at all but oh the smell afterwards is awful and i go round with air freshener which helps but doesn't cure it

love margaretxx


Hey, congrats on reaching 12 weeks Lisa, you're doing well it appears and reaping the benefits all over the place! Any plans for that 400 quid? You deserve to treat yourself :)

Already spent on an exercise bike, new clothes, things for the house, perfume, pamper stuff, books, you name it and I have bought it! I always was a terrible spender anyway.

This year though, I have set up a saving plan with work where they take out the money I would have spent on cigs each month and I will get this back at the end of the year with interest (such as it is right now).

Good eh?

Aren't we fantastic for stopping smoking or what? Pats on the back all round.

Good job!!!!:D:D

Lisa xx


Hi Lisa ..well done on all your good work!

enjoy spending the money and enjoy your smoke free life!


lisa,,what can can we say ,you have done good girl..thats a good saving plan you have with your job,,that will be some spending spree lisa,,...i to hate the smell of smoke,,my family smoke,,have not got the heart to tell them that there smoke gets right up my nose,,but hay its family grrrrrr,,just keep the faith tony


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