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Newbie Too Day 6 questions

Hello All - Was just looking for a forum to learn and share ex smoking experiences. I'm closing in on a week as tomorrow will be day 7. As expected, days 1-3 were pretty rough and its been geting better since. I'd like to ask a couple of questions.

One, I stopped drinking at the same time as I'd associate a cig with a drink. Anyone else do that? I've heard 30 days is a safe time to have a drink although I'm thinking about quiting that too. Second, I'm still having a tough time getting a good night's sleep. It seems to be getting better but anyone have similar experiences?

Anyway, love being smoke free so far and want to keep it up. Thanks in advance.

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Hi g26,well done on getting to day 6,I don't drink so can't comment on that.

I have had many restless nights and nightmares,I have been using 24 hour patches and have now started taking it off just before I go to sleep at night and have found that I am not as restless as before.

I am on day 7 now,can't believe it really,the quit has not been as bad as I thought it might be,but I did have a horrible day 5.

Stay strong,we will beat this.


Hello g26 and welcome.

Well done on getting to day 6.

I stayed off alcohol for bit, then had the odd beer or cider on an evening. However, I didn't get drunk until I had a couple of months under my belt!

Alcohol can be a tough trigger to deal with.

Weird dreams are par for the course, in the early days but they do go away.

Best wishes



On day 11 today mate, I had the sleeping problems, I've been using Nytol capsules which seem to help. Haven't had a beer since I stopped not really on purpose just haven't had the urge. Going to the pub to watch the match this afternoon though for a few pints:D


Hi g26

Well done for getting this far - you have got through those first awful days!!

I am on Day 7 and. although I have found it tough at times, I am so pleased I have got this far.

I haven't really had a drink yet but that's because I haven't really fancied one! I did use to drink a couple of glasses of wine most days but have not wanted one this week. It shows that ciggies and wine were triggers for each other!

I also had sleep problems - mainly unable to get to sleep rather than strange dreams. The last couple of nights have been better though.

Keep strong!


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