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No Smoking Day
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day 9 and gasping!!

hi all,

been working away so i havnt had a chance to post until now.

been a real test for me over the last week been out drinking with all the lads from work.. but im pleased to say ive still not broke.... woooop!!

still finding sleeping really hard though (unless im drunk).

wondering if anyone knows how long sleep demons will last for??

thanks again to catwomans post (nicodemon) makes me laugh and its a bit daft but whenever its all going t1ts up i just laugh him off...

thanks again all and hope its going well for yall too..


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my sleep problems settled after probably 4-5 weeks

well done so far. keep it up x


I was awake till 4 in the morning the first 5 nights, started taking those nightol thingy's as a temporary solution. I feel like my body is tired by my mind isn't, probably something to do with the nicotine not being about to stimulate my massive brain;)

Thing is, even when I was only getting 4-5 hours kip, I still didn't feel as tired as when I was getting 8 hours and smokin fags:)


hi hun and well done you are doing great.

Im the same and not sleeping to good.

You finding it easier now your on the 2nd week?




Hi acgoo

well done on 9 days so far . And the fact youve been out with people to the pub tells me you have strong will power when required , youre doing great.

I also had trouble sleeping for a while, id say first 2 weeks i had very staggery sleep patterns and alot of times i woke up sweaty with mad dreams going on in my head. This all settled down and soon i was sleeping like a baby ( stupid expression as anyone with a wee one will know) .

your halfway through your 2nd week which means you have encountered all that stopping smoking can throw at you . Your normal sleeping pattern will return but everyone is different just stick with it,its not going to go on forever .

keep us posted on how you go.


Sorry but it is comforting to know other people are suffering with sleep problems. I haven't been using NRT so I didn't think my sleep would be affected but since stopping, I have had trouble getting to sleep. I thought smoking was a stimulant which stopped you from sleeping but to me its NOT smoking that is keeping me awake!

I'm not worried cos I know it will pass and a couple of lost hours sleeping is miles better than being a smoker! In fact I feel much better in the morning now than when I did when I was smoking (and I'm only on day 5) despite the fact I've had a couple of hours less sleep!


Problems sleeping

BibleBlack..(you wouldn't like to explain that would you, to one who knows nothing of Dr Faustus?)

Sleeping difficulties...Some thoughts, given very tentatively///

Was sleeping a difficulty before you stopped?

If not, then I would have thought you can be fairly confident that things will return to normal in the not-too-distant future.

If so, then have you considered all the various non-medical strategies there are for aiding sleep?

Like taking vigorous exercise as a daily habit

Or meditation (which, though wierd to some, can be taken at it's most basic as a means of finding peace of mind.. which is cumulative)

Or yoga, T'ai chi or one of those energy techniques.?

These things really do work to help the physical system get integrated. It's just a matter of finding what you, personnally, find you can stick to.

In short..don't despair, there is a solution out there if you look around.

Best of luck with it..I know sleeplessness can be a real downer.



hi hun and well done you are doing great.

Im the same and not sleeping to good.

You finding it easier now your on the 2nd week?



yes definatley easyer.. woke up today (day 10) and didnt even think about smoking until i seen a smoker on the tv,,

it must be getting better because the mood swings have stopped too..

but as i said sleep is a real issue as i do a very manual job.

not long now anyway mate and we will be totally smoke free..

how long before i can say i dont smoke?? infact im gonna say it from now..hehehe

take care



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