Day 8 but not a good day

Strange day today, didnt even think of ciggys until i got home and now they are constantly on my mind, weird thing is i want a ciggy but dont want to smoke it, dont make sense i know, but have been very very close this evening to caving in. Made me realise how weak i am to the cravings to be pushed almost to breaking on day 8.

Dont feel to good about it and feel already like ive let myself down. Just when i thought i had got through hell weak i get this :(



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  • Really sorry to hear you've had a bad day Denise, it can be really difficult and looking at your sig. you have smoked alot for along time so you are doing really well

    Its just mind game, try and stay busy and stay strong

    thinking of you xx;)

  • Thanks hun, im gonna take Lindas advise and grab an early night. Sleep it off im hoping, just hope Joe is doing ok.

    Sweet dreams Shabba and all



  • You rock!!

    Denise - I have replied to your messages on my thread. Hope you are having a nice peaceful sleep now. You rock and you are my rock (even though you didn't ask to be and might find that a bit weird but for some reason I need to think f you as my quit partner to get through this psychologically and yes, I am slowing losing my mind). Be there day 9 - please!!!- I nearly gave up too tonight xxxxxxxxxxxx

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