if im right,2 months

if my calender is right,,i have just done 2 full months..wow..how good is that...it all seems so long ago,that i made the decision to stop .now here i am 2 months down the road,a non smoker.a lot healthier..all the problems that come with smoking are all but gone,,GOD i feel so good to day..i could scream and scream.. and as john inman used to say im free...you old ones should remember him hahaha..newbies take note of all the advice you get on here..thats why i am doing so well,because of the help and support they give to one and all:D:D.

any one having trouble posting.been trying since last evening,no joy..hope this is all right...if so you lot keep the faith all best tony...wow 2 months YES

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  • Well done Tony

    You are doing fantastic

    Keep the faith!


  • well done tony :)

    even now each day that passes without smoking is further reason to treasure your quit!

  • aint that the truth,,amen to that

  • the faith,jim boy the faith:D:D

  • bow wow wow

  • Woohoooo!! well done Tony :) People like you keep us newbies going, as we know it can be done.

    Thanks hun



  • you are very well come denise66,,i was helped quite a lot on here.. so i like to know i can help some one as well,pass it on as they say..good luck in your quit,and be strong very strong,,and most of all you keep the faith all the best tony

    its harder to have cancer,than to give up smoking


  • Tony, Congratulations buddy. 2 Months is a really nice milestone to reach.

    With newbies like Denise looking up to you now, does that make you a "Keeping the Faith Healer"?

    Sorry, that's a bit of a bad joke

  • well done tony thats fab. good to see you keeping the faith!! xx

  • Well done Tony

    Youre free

  • Congrats on starting your 3rd month.........:D

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