No Smoking Day

anyone got twitchy legs???whats that about?

im not sleeping very well but i have soo much more energy during the day (which was my main motivation for quitting). hopefuilly i'll be able to get to friday with feeling exhausted.

good luck everyone!!!!

really feel like i can stay a non-smoker. i might become one of those really annoying people that tell other people off for smoking!!!ha ha!!!!;)

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Hi Canessa

lol i think a few of us might be like that, i often look at smokers now and feel sorry for them, so tempting to go over and start preaching what they are doing to their health, but dont lol

With the twitching legs, my sister who also packed up the same day as me went though this but it passed after a day. Not sure why your legs twitch but remember her saying that she felt like she wanted to stretch them all the time in preparation for a marathon lol




yes Canessa

You will start to have more energy as you will start to feel better about yourself - snowball effect .

Energy comes from within and if you are feeling good about something you have done you will feel far more spritely compared to a normal day!

I also look at smokers and feel a tad sorry for them - education has taught me that they are caught in a loop and they dont even realise .

they feed the addiction- feel normal- wears off - feed addiction- feel normal - wears off - feed addiction.

this is what you are breaking free from!! this is all they are doing ...feeding an addiction . they arent enjoying anything , they arent making anything else better ...they are simply feeding an addiction.


yes there should be a folder for side affects,,since i stoped smoking i to have noticed people standing out side ,,pubs, shops. freazing there nuts off.makes no sence..just keep the faith tony


St. Vitus Dance ??

Yet another giving up side effect - there should be a Folder on here just for all the crap that goes with quitting..

I totally agree, I gave up on New years eve and have had the following symptoms ever since :


Lack of sleep

Little or no energy


Hands shake constantly

tunnel vision

inability to concentrate

anger attacks verging on Tourrettes


High blood pressure (work that one out)



Tinnitus (anybody else ?)

A decent bought of flu would be a Godsend right now.



hi Bloke.

crickey i thought i had it bad until i saw your list. tunnel vision. wow! if youve got heartburn and high blood pressure i reckon you must have been doing the gum. (you have to try not to chew the gum out just let it sit in your mouth. i used to rub it on my gums to get a try and get a hit from it.)

anyway good luck fella. stick with it. and try and cut down on the gum

i havent slept much either but enjoy feeling more alert in general



I have never felt a Lert ....whats it like ?



it feels nice soft and squashy-shame you have missed out not feeling a lert bloke!;)


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