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Hello all. I wasn't entirely sure where to post an introduction, this forum seemed the most appropriate! So here goes:

My name is Rich, I'm 23 and I've been smoking since about age 15. It's a familiar story; peer pressure at school, rebellion, curiosity and wanting to fit in. It was never a serious thing at the time, but once I left secondary school and started sixth form, the habit developed into what it is today

I'd say I smoke around 15 a day, more if I go to the pub or a friends house (most of whom smoke as well). There are a number of reasons for quitting, namely being the health issues. My mum was a smoker (she died when i was 5, possibly smoking related) and both my sisters are smokers (one of whom has been trying to quit for years). My dad (non-smoker) has recently told me that there is a history of high blood pressure and inherited heart conditions on the male side of his family.

Another reason for quitting is so I can save up for a new digital camera.

I have an appointment to see a quit smoking adviser on the 20th January, and I am aiming to make this my date of quitting. Until then, I'm going to try to cut down each day. I've already been smoking light cigarettes, but I'm under the impression that this has little effect due to the fact they make you take longer, deeper drags.

I think that's all I have to say for the time being. A bit of an essay there for ya :P

Laters. Rich

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Hi there welcome to the forum.

The quit advisor's funding is likely to come from "drug" companies so be aware that the information they give tends to be biased towards NRT or Champix etc, and while these can help you stop, the best way to stay stopped is to gain an understanding of why you smoke (nicotine addiction) and change the way you think about cigarettes. Quitting should be seen as a gaining process not sacrificing some great pleasure. If you forever more feel that you are depriving yourself eventually you will give in to temptation.

Have a read of the links in my sig, and best wishes with the quit.




Welcome Rich

Cant realy add to what Jim & Nick said but you are doing a very good thing quitting and at your age will feel the results stright away. You will have great support here also. xxxx


Hiya Rich,

Welcome to the forum. This is probably the best decision ur gonna make because it makes ur life so much better. I will be on day 7 of my quit 2moro and I just feel great. Sure there have been moments that I wanted a cigarette but I have just remembered what happened when I did smoke (i.e. out of breath, coughing, yellow teeth) and I'm fine.

I stopped because of my baby boy who was born on New Years Day and I stopped pretty much asap (he was born 2am and I stopped 10am).

All I can say buddy if just keep urself busy and if u feel like havin a cigarette (i.e. really badly) then inhale on a straw - its helped for me :)

Good luck m8 :)


Hi, thanks all for the advice and good words. I've clearly come to the right place for support! I'm hoping for much support from family and friends over the course of the quit (I've never had that much willpower in general, I need a kick up the arse every now and then with things!), but complete strangers that go the extra mile and genuinely seem to care - that's really encouraging and makes me feel that much more confident about this. Thanks again!

On another note - congratulations Philip!



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