No Smoking Day

still here! and moving to 4th month!

Hello everyone- well i thought id touch base and share the last few days with you, as most of you know, i have stopped smoking for nearly 4 months now-yipee!!!!

i have stopped using NRT-gum for 4 days which was abit of a battle-headaches, dizzyness, but now feeling alot better! and really positive! first 72hours were HARD! but poison leaving the system would always be a battle!

great to see so many doing really well and feel so happy reading your threads!


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Well done Shabba

When I came off NRT I was much better after 72 hours, then several good days but then had some heavy and prolonged urges to smoke in the following week. By the time I was 2 weeks off the lozenges it was the better than when I was on them and has continued to improve ever since. Not saying that there aren't points when I could happily light up, but the temptation is easily pout aside when it arises.

Best wishes



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