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No Smoking Day
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had a bit of a tumble!!


Just to clarify the title - I haven't had a fag, but I have just wanted one for a past few hours. What I have done and take this advice all u day 1er's. I went to the shop, got some straws and some rolly up filters as to look like a cig - it helps.

Today has been a bit of an odd day - ups and downs, had a couple cravings but not too bad. I just keep remembering the smell and the coughs and all that that I had when I was smoking and that put me off smoking.

it's only day 3 and I now see myself as a non-smoker, do u think it's too soon to think that - do u think im a bit too confident?

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I think that since the aim is to become a non smoker "labelling" yourself as one is no bad thing.

Whether you are too confident or not is not the right question. It is whether you have the resolve to stick to being a non smoker for ever more! Initially the thought that I would never have another smoke filled me with dread, but as time has gone on and now I see myself as just someone that used to smoke I am glad to think I will never smoke again!

All the best



Hi philip

I know you have had a bad craving -but the straw thing did make me laugh-i did some mad crazy things in the 'early days' jumping up and down and laughing at myself was one-tip not to be done in public!!!!!

Of course you are a non smoker, you were a non smoker the day you chose not to smoke anymore sweet

you are entering the vital 72 hours and are doing really really well-if stopping smoking was that easy would there be a need for this forum? you will hit highs and lows but it will get easier!!!

you are not being too confident thats not a problem -just dont be too complacent

hope Lincolns ok xxxxx


Thanks guys,

I feel better now :) still got that straw and it really is helping - i suppose different people have different ways lol.

Shabba, Lincoln is doing well - sleeps all day and is awake all night - grr, but i wouldnt change it for the world and there is no way that I'm starting smoking again when there is a vulnerable baby boy around - NO WAY AT ALL!!

Thanks again :)


Well done phill

Hope your feeling better today day 4. When i quit last jan I used a rolled up bit of paper it helped no end. Do what ever it takes just dont smoke. xxxxx


hi ross..glad to here little lincoln is doing very well..its a physical thing we all go through..after the 72 hours it becomes a battle with the mind...ross just remember this...TOUGH TIMES DONT LAST...BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO..and you are one of them,,so you keep the faith .all the best tony


Well done Philip hun :) you are doing great and you are definately a non smoker, that is how i see my self now, maybe a bit early for me to say that but it helps.

So pleased little Lincoln is doing well and what a great incentive having a brand new little baby :)Hows day 4 going?

I have found day 3 so far to be the worst day for me.





The day you but out your last cig you became a non smoker so well done we have all done odd things our first few days so keep up the good work:cool:Jimbo


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