just 54 days

i am just on 54 days ..still feels gooddddd...thats ,7 weeks and 5 days.wow..good news my grandson has given up the killer weed..he said if you can do it so can i..now just want the wife to stop..grrrrrr/i was a big big smoker,30 plus a day..i said one day thats it and stoped,went c/t..i said it before.. and i will say it again..if i can do it so can you ..be live me you can.. i am successful..because of this fourm,,..newbies dont ever give in,,craves will go weather you smoke or not..just you lot keep the faith.. all the best tony...NOT ONE MORE PUFF

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  • You're an awesome quitter Tony, those 54 days have gone so quickly!

    Keep on keeping on, my friend!

  • Well done Tony, that's gone quick!

    Best wishes to your Grandson, is he coming to the forum to?



  • well done Tony-you must be feeling faaab!!!! and what an inspiration to your grandson!

    Fab quitter awsome grandad xxxx:D

  • MY GRANDSON IS LOOKING THROUGH the fourm at the mo..he thinks its cool..he says you are never to old to stop..how true that is..he also says he is proud of me for not smoking any more,,that made me feel so proud.wow.double wow..at this moment i am more determent never to smoke again..got a few teers at the mo,,keeping the faith all the best tony

  • ive got tears in my eyes now! what are you doing to me tony!!! we are all softies really xx;)

  • Well done Tony

    Bet your family are so proud of you because we all are. Linda xxxx

  • well done tony !! you have been awesome on this site so far and yes that 54 days does seem to have gone quick!!

    keep up the good work x

  • hi tony

    very well done i am a few days behind you on day 1 of week 7 tell your grandson to join in as he won't regret it it is thanks to my son stuart and everyone else on here that i have got this far and makes me more determined than ever that this will be my final quit after smoking since i was 15 thats over 50 years :D

    love margaretxxx

  • Well done on 54 days tony . You are doing great keep it up .

    Tracey x

  • thank you all once again for you surport..were would we all be with out the help from each other ,,, we are like one big family..as they say,,all for one and one for all...my grandson has gone to meet his girl friend..O to be young again..sweet sixteene,,pure as snow..i wish..ha ha ha ...still keeping the faith tony

  • Well done Tony, you truly are an inspiration to us all :) I hope that one day i can say the same :)



  • denise66 if you keep the faith ,you will be ok...i promise you..remember den..sorry looks back...worry looks around,,,courage looks ahead...but faith always looks up and wins tony

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