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Almost ten months in

Hi everyone

Just wanted to pop in and wish all quitters, old and new a very happy new year :D:D:D

I've been reading the posts and am glad to see new quitters getting the support that is so vital to anyone wishing to quit.

After almost a year without my best friend the cigarette I would urge anyone thinking of quitting to DO IT NOW.

Don't think about it, don't put it off just rip the plaster off quick.

Life really is too short.

I hardly think about cigarettes now and have so far avoided becoming a 'typical ex-smoker' and nagging people who still smoke. I quit in my own good time and they will too.

Life is so much better without cigarettes. Granted I didn't smoke as long as some (13 years for me) but they were a big part of my life and thank God they are not anymore.

Best wishes to those still here and good luck to all the new quitters. I couldn't have done it without this forum and made some brilliant friends while i was at it.


Wkd xx

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Congrats on almost 10 months,next stop penthouse........:D


Thanks Dubbs.... congrats to you too for hitting the big one and getting past it too!




Wise words WKD

You have always been a guiding light to me.

Many thanks



Well done Babes your doing well. You go girl. xxxxxxxxxxx


Well done WKD. Easy aint it ;):D

Unlike you, I love playing the part of the typical ex smoker;)

All the best


Brill to hear from you chuck, glad your doing so well.

All the best. X


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