No Smoking Day

gum free-day 1

Hi freedom fighters!

well its nearly over day one of being gum free! feel as if im getting a few dizzy spells?????? (however the husband says no change there!)

Went to bed feeling as if i was giving up the fags!!! and didnt sleep well.

im hoping after a week of no gum( which will take me into month 4 of kicking the habit) that ive cracked the addiction and the habit!

See what tomorrow brings!-oh by the way linda if you read this-read the alan carr again-it does help xxxxxxxx;):o

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did not use nrt,,just went c/t,,bit rought at times,but they you take it ease,,rest when you have to,, just keep the faith tony,,well done


Well done Shabba

I will read the book again Ive had his tapes on in the car today. Good on you first day off nrt remember it takes about 72 hours so you may feel a bit strang for a few days but so much better once your off it altogether.xxxxx


Dizzy spells are perfectly normal, as is lack of sleep.

Your body is healing, finally getting a chance to clean itself of the poisons.

Feels great, doesn't it?


Day two Shabba

Your getting there girl soon be nico clean. xxxxx


Hi linda-thanks for thinking of me!!

Got a banging headache today and cannot face bright lights-nicotine withdrawl coming thick and fast!!!!! feel as if my eyes are bulging out of my head!! with terrible dizzy spells!!

Hope this only lasts 72 hours!!! dreading tomorrow-teaching all day!!! hope my students are kind to me tomorrow!!! :(:eek::eek:


Yes Babe

Just have nice bath warm milky drink and early night. im sure you will feel tons better really soon. xxxxx


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