No Smoking Day

Lincoln Malachky

Hi guys,

I know I haven't been on in a while. It's because I caved in after 2 weeks, but now that Christmas and New Year are passed-I want to stop again.

I have news - Lincoln, my new baby boy was born at 2am this morning - he's gorgeous and both mother and baby r doing well -they are still in the hospital as it was a difficult birth, but I have a question - should I start day 1 2moro or set a date?


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Welcome back Philip,

Congratulations on the arrival of young Lincoln, that's super news!!

As for setting a date or going for it tomorrow, well thats up to you, but to be frank there is no point in starting off on the wrong foot by starting too soon. Go with what feels right and if that's a few extra days then in the overall scheme of things it won't matter.

Best wishes



Thanks Nic, it's good to be back!

I have thrown away my fags and I am going to give it a go 2moro - day 1 here I come.

As for Lincoln -he is so cute and he is going to be the motivation I need to stop. I just don't want him in a smokey environment.

Any advice for 2moro?



As always read and post,

Either distract yourself when cravings hit or relish them as the symptoms of you ridding yourself of the addiction.

Remember that no matter how awkward cravings are they will pass and are not life threatening, where as continuing to smoke is.

When you need distracting read some of the links on my signature, go for a walk, have a shower, or post here.

Remember that quitting is gaining back control, its not a sacrifice.

Best wishes mate,



Cheers buddy :) here it goes!!


Wow!!! A new years day baby :) huge congratulations to you and your family Phillip.

Sorry i can not give you any advise as this is my first day of not smoking, but i will say is i have been reading alot and getting ready for today over the last 2 weeks.

Good luck :)


Love your post Nic and have also read your links today, which helped me enormously especially when i felt close to caving in.


Congrats Ross

Its good to have you back. How lovely a new baby son. If you quit now he will never remember his dad ever smoking thats a good thing on it own. Good luck mate you know we are here for you. xxxxxxxxxx Ps give your wife by best.


Thanks Linda and thanks everyone for all your support! Day 1 is 2moro and I've got a nicorette in my mouth as I type this. Lincoln looks just like me with very curly blonde hair - I am going to make sure that this quit is the one and that I will live long enough for Lincoln to realise that he got his good looks for his daddy lol!! :)



well come can do it .congratualtions on your son ..just read all you all the info you went is nics post they will help you so keep the faith..all the best tony


Welcome back - I can relate as my son is the inspiration for me too. Not just quitting but my whole life.

Congratulations, and make this quit the one that sticks.


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