Blimey!! oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

well what can i say, i have never had such a response to any thread i have made before!!! I dont know whether to be honoured or insulted!

Its been a while since i have been on here, i have now give up smoking for 18 months, (on 2nd Jan). I can honestly say i feel very proud of myself.

I came on here to wish each and every one of you a happy new year and hope that no one has been tempted over the festive period.

I read all the responses to my other threads and some of it made me laugh, some comments were very disapointing. I have always found this forum to be of great help to me, especially in the early days. That is why i felt i could come on here with 'other issues'. I WISHED I HAD NOT. anyway for all of those who genuinely gave me their good wishes and advice, i would like to say


for those of you that felt the need to argue, well giving up smoking makes you do such things and i take no offense, (although i would love to know what the commemt made about me was, as it was delelted by the mods!!) anyway, mojo, whatever it was , no offence taken hun, although it did give my post a bit of cred lol)


Anyway, for all who gives a sh~t, the coke thing was an experimental time and im back on the road to ..... whatever and not doing that anymore.

So i guess i will have to go back to getting zero attention on my threads from now on :eek:

Please do reply to this thread (nicely please) otherwise i will make up some kind of other addiction to get the room going again!


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  • Happy New Year to you,

    Glad the coke thing is over with, no point trading one addiction for another.

    I think we will all play nicely now that we are less distracted!



  • xo

    cool Nic love ya !!!! xxxx

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