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nearly craved in !!!!!!


day 25 saved £103.50 !!!!!!

i have to keep telling myself this. omg bad day today. nearly went to the shop to buy some cigs. snapping at the kids and feeling down. sorry to go on but finding it hard today. hopefully i will feel better 2moz.



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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done for not cracking,

Hang in there, nothing is ever any better with a smoke!

jan dont go down that road,,you have done 25 days,,weather you smoke or not the crave will go;be strong,you can do it,,it gets a lot ease,promice you it will...

jan belive in your self,and all that you are,know that there is something inside you,that is greater than any jan keep the faith all the best tony,, p.s.happy new year and smoke will be nice when you wake up on the 1..1..09 and you are smoke free,, go for it girl

Well done girl for keeping strong. Im sure you will feel better 2morrow. Linda xxxxx

Firstly, well done for not caving and don't ever apologise for telling us how you feel. We can't help you unless you do! That is what we are here for... to give and receive help.


I think you need to find a way for you to relax, to refocus when things get tough.

For me, that was always going for a walk along the beach (I'm very lucky and have a beautiful secluded beach 100yds from home), or a little DIY... just something to get away from the hubbub of family life for 15 minutes.

I found this would get my attention back to where it needs to be.

It IS worth the fight though, it really is. Get just a bit further down the road and you will find it easier - I promise :D

Morning Janet

Hope your feeling a little better today. xxxxx

hello janet

very well done on not giving in stuart is right about doing something when it hits i usually take a walk not always very far then come on here and read you can always find some help and advice after a few minutes i feel much better and the urge goes away

love margaretxxx

thanks to all for your support.

well new years day and i did not crack last night. iam so proud of myself. i didnt even want one and when everyone were getting up to go outside in the cold!!!!! i thought no thats not me anymore. happy smoke free new year to all



Well done Girl. only a few days and you have done a whole month. Congrats.xxxxx

Week 3 cant wait to be there myself, just think of the hard bit youve been through already..

Would you like to throw that away now?

I think your kicking as s..

Keep it up and before you know it youll be taking the kids away with all that money you have saved..

Big well done from me anyways..


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