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No Smoking Day
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family and friends

happy xmas every one...having a lovely day with my family and friends..lots of drinks and lots of foods..could not ask for anything more..but me..having a bad day,you see all of my family smoke..i went to the club this morning with the family..every 20 mins or so they would go out side for a smoke.it was hell..i was so tempted to have just one..all day has been the same..im thinking is it worth it, all this hassley..keeped saying just one fag..just one.but i came on here, and i new i must not smoke..i was a nats wisker from caving in..thank god for this fourm..i looked at my quit form and it said 6weeks,, one day, smoke free..it would have been such a waste,just to have one fag,wooooooo,,hope you lot are having a great day and are smoke free,,what a day,iv got over it,,,will these phychological feeling ever go,,tell me they will,,im keeping the faith,all the best tony

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yep me to mate

nearly caved in and my quit meter sais 1 month 1 week and 6 days and yep would have been so easy for the 1 fag but then kiss all that hard earned quit time out of the window.

but its now 20.42 and still a non-smoker



They will start to ease Tony - I went through today without even really thinking about smoking.... but a month ago it would have been very difficult.

Well done for staying off them though, both of you :D


Well done all

Spent the day with my daughter she dont smoke. But OMG I have really felt like one more than omce today bit know tomorrow i would have been so gutted. First chrismas day smoke free for 35 years. Yes i done it. xxxxxxx


Well done Linda :D


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