friends without faces

we sit and we type and we stare at the screens,

we all have to wounder,what this possibly means

we chat with each other,we share all our woes,

small groups we do form and gang up on our foes

we wait for somebody to type out our name,

we want recognition and offer the same,

we give kisses and hugs and sometimes we flirt,

in rooms we chat deeply and reveal why we hurt

we form friendships but why is a thing we dont know

though most of them flounder some flourish and grow,

why is it that on screen,we can all be so bold.

telling our secrets that have never been told,

why is it we share those deep thoughts in our mind,

with those we cant see,as though we were blind,

the answer is simple,its as clare as a bell,

we all have our problems and need some one to tell,

we cant tell real people,but tell someone we must,

so we turn to the [ putter] and to those we can trust

even though it is crazy,the truth still remains,

they are friends without faces,with odd little names

i could not have successfully QUIT : WITHOUT YOU AND THE FOURM


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  • Great composition and rather true in many ways!!

    My determination brought me to the forum (for a 2nd time) but having stopped many times before its likely that I would have failed before now, without the help of my fellow quitters.

    This is the only quit where I haven't "cheated" with the odd 1 here and there and the 1st time ever that the thought of never smoking again is a positive thing rather than a cause of anxiety!



  • Thats a lovely little poem, well worded - thanks for posting it Tony.

    I have thanked everyone on this forum several times - but each time it seems inadequately worded.

    But that's all I can say.

    So all of you - I know I wouldn't have got this far without you. I could have done - but I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have had the inspiration.



  • awww thanks for tha tony. again u make me smile :)

    there are a few of you who have particularly helped me since i joined here so thank u from me aswell

    in the words of tony "keep the faith"


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