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Help-starting to struggle


I don't really know why but I've really been struggling with cravings the past few days.

I'm eight and a half weeks into my quit now and came off the patches (7mg) accidentally a week ago. First 2/3 days weren't too bad but I've had some really strong and prolonged cravings in the last 3 days. From what I've read, I should be competely nicotine free now so I assume this is more a psychological problem but the cravings are very physical.

Don't worry, I haven't caved and I don't intend to-my achievement so far is much too precious for that but I would appreciate any advice and support you lovely people can give me-especially if someone can offer an explanation.


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I've been looking for you on here since you told me your story - I've not seen you around since.....

I'm at the same stage as you - but returned to work after the pneumonia yesterday - part time hours. I had a worse day today than the first and I think the wonderful lady at the next desk to me think I've come back loopy as I hav got into the habit at home of talkin aloud to myself - "no you don't want one.....don't won't do any good"

I've had a few of those today - for the first time in weeks - maybe this is a week 7 - 10 thing. If no-one has heard of the 7 - 10 week thing I'll just say I'm special and its just my week 7 thing. It will be okay soon because I don't get it at week 8.

(Okay read that back & it does sound as if I'm off my rocker but who cares!!)


NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I had exactly the same thing the week after I stopped taking lozenges, I think its perfectly normal. Yes its a pain in the bum and it does mean that you have to concentrate on strengthening your resolve.

The urges died back after a few days and were back to where they had been within 10 days.



I'm wondering if it's psychological as I'm thinking this might be how I will be when I stop the Champix, even though it's 4 weeks away!!

Maybe you have to go through this process/stage to continue, who knows?:confused:

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I see it as a journey and each struggle you get through is another phase which strengthens your quit.

Coming off NRT is like stopping smoking all over again, you have to go through nicotine withdrawal.

Luckily, by now, you are already used to not smoking. You like the new healthier you so the withdrawals can be just another hurdle and as Nic says - it's only temporary.

Read to strengthen your resolve and hang tough - they will go away.

You can get through it, and you must get through it. You just have to be strong :D

Kittycat - coming off Champix I found to be easier than my past experience with NRT... but I cut down before stopping altogether... talk to your Doctor about it if you are worried ;)

Thanks everyone.

Been a bit better today-not so many cravings and easier to stifle them as well.

Glad it's not just me whose been talking to myself F2Q-I often do it in the car now-just hope other road users assume I'm on a hands free call! Glad to hear you're progressing with your quit and your recovery-keep up the good work.

Nic-reassuring to hear you had the same thing stopping the NRT-I guess it is related to the final nicotine withdrawal. Also good to hear it was only temporary-thanks.

Kittycat-hopefully you won't have the same thing as you're already nicotine free but if you do-we're all here for you as well and at least you'll know it's to be expected.

Stuart-don't worry-I'm reading more than ever-I'm determined not to fail now I've got so far. By far the hardest part was breaking the habit of smoking-all those cigarettes that somehow just seemed to end up lit and in my mouth with barely a thought as to how they got there in the first place.

Now I know that these new cravings are subsiding and won't last forever, I feel much better placed to cope with them - once again thanks everyone-this forum has been a Godsend-I doubt I would have got so far in my quit without it.

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