No Smoking Day

9 weeks today!!

I actually ran up 3 flights of stairs today without stopping:p yes, My breathing and lung capacity have most certainly Improved!

I feel 20 years younger and thats a fact:)I dont look it but who cares about that its what you feel like that counts,isnt it!

I heard my neighbour this morning coughing her guts up,she smokes as if its a national sport! and in the car with her 6 year old daughter!:mad: thats not on is it!!

Well thats my report,I certainly feel good about my quit and I am certainly feeling the benefits.:D

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Congrats on the 9 weeks Hope48.

It's great that you're having a good time with this quitting thing. The good news is that it continues to get better and better.

It's strange that we kept on poisoning ourselves for so long in the mistaken belief that we needed the stupid crutch. :confused:


Very well done to you!!!!

Double figures is looming on the horizon!


Jolly well done Hope (you dont seem to be hoping now)

You are in control:)


Well done Hope

9 weeks is fab work. Good on you girl. xxx


Well done on reaching 9 weeks hope you are doing fantastic.

Tracey x


Congratulations, Hope.

9 weeks is superb :D


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