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Hello fellow non smokers!

Before I go I just wanted to wish you all well and give you a big hug and say thank you.

I have only been posting a month and it is exactly one month since my quit and I feel I have made it. I will not smoke again and feel it is time to get on with my life and leave the talk of cigarettes behind.

There may be some major events in my life to come but as long as I remember that smoking will not help, then I should be okay.

This is a great forum for helping people like me, who, when they first start off need reassurance and hope that life is worth living (and can be even better) without the dreaded cigarettes.

So thanks and good luck to all of you.

Lisa :D

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Well done Lisa

Congrats on your quit. hope every thing gose well for you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

It is really great to see someone doing so well.

Best wishes


Good going and best of times for you,come on back every now an then

and let know how good your doing....:)

well done. i hope you keep up the quit. i think a month is a short time to think you have made it already but i guess everyones different

good luck ! xx

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