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No Smoking Day
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streeee eeees sssssssss ssssed !!!!!!!!!!

well not yet but i will be

got to go to wimbledon tomorow ..my company has decided they want some wage review of staff.

well never been and never wanted to go... me happy to stay 100 miles away and run their contract from this end but now i have to go.

i hate driving long distances it panics me

fag fag fag fag

errrrrrrrrrr no

lollypop lollypop lollypop lollypop

so up at 4 am and away i go.

oh and all the other bloody supervisors and bosses smoke like crazy

tim xxx

2 Replies

You already know its a potentially difficult time so you are prepared which is good. Whatever the day brings it will be just the same as it would be if you smoked, albeit if you'd be feeling disappointed with yourself.

Stay strong and you will be fine. When those other people have to get out for their fix, remember how much better you feel not to be controlled by nicotine.

You will get through it,

All the best



hope todays going ok tim !

im sure you will be fine without the weed!


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