No Smoking Day
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ld13..I'm on month 1 now..ner ner ne ne ner!!! lol

..Hope you are too.... my sleeping seems to be levelling out now... so thats better then...not suffering from paranoia thr lack of REM sleep..haha....

On the whole life is good... its really weird coz i think i should crave a ciggie...I do think about it and expect to have overwhelming physical urges to buy some dont..if I just ignore the thought...NOTHING happens..ha ha... dont die, feel ill, or get over stressed... in fact..its a

In any case..lets all celebrate being smug...

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i am indeed aswell :D

im still in shock that its been this long and no where NEAR as bad as i thought it was gonna be! had a moment last night standing outside with a couple of smoking friends where i felt a bit left out and suddenly thought i wanted one.....but then i got a grip !!!! ;)

well done. dont ever let me overtake you in day count!


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