hello again

hi all thought it was time i popped in to say hello again :) my quit is still going strong, not long till our first smoke free xmas and then the big 1 year milestone. good luck everyone in your quits and keep strong it does get easier.

I have been quit for 10 Months, 4 Days, 13 hours, 54 minutes and 24 seconds (309 days). I have saved £1,516.93 by not smoking 6,191 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 11 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/01/2008 23:30

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  • I don't beleive we have "met" before, Andy - but congratulations... 10 months plus is a great achievment and I bet you're really looking forward to New Year!

  • Well done Andy - all the best for the New Year.:)

  • Very well done,

    It really is an inspiration to see people further along in their quit come back and say hello.

    Many thanks,


  • thanks guys its good to see the forum still going strong, still so many old faces here and plenty of new ones which is great. i wouldnt of managed my early days without this place keep up the good work folks.

  • Congratulations and good luck for your 1st non-smoking christamas!

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