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Better sleep day 13


Hooray..went to bed at just after midnight...didnt wake up till first night asleep all night for nearly two weeks!!

Still got mouth ulcers, still feel a little spaced..buit that might be due to other things..not the lack of fags... have regular mini cravings which require distraction...

I would indeed be foolish to be weak now!!!

Hope everyone else is doing Ok..especially those at the end of week 2 like me...

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Well done to you for making it this far - me too, I go into week 3 tomorrow.

I think about buying ciggies every day but I never do, that would put all the hard work out of the window!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done the pair of you, you are doing great.

Keep it up. :)

Well done - I'm sure its all uphill now you can get a decent night's sleep bfz

...and well done to you too Lisa, stay positive :)

Glad to hear you got some sleep at last, makes it easier!

I am surprised that from the beginning of this quit, I haven't thought about buying cigarettes, previous attempts, I found it hard going to the shop!

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