No Smoking Day

day 5 - but something is missing

Hi guys,

I'm on day 5 - which I am so happy about:D but I can't stop thinking about an empty feeling inside me - it feels like something has gone, and I know it's all the crap that was in the fags that is going out of my body, but it kinda makes me want to hav a cigarette - but don't worry I'm resisting.

But does anyone have nay advice as to what to do? Coz it is starting to get 2 me!!


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I felt exactly the same way, its almost like grieving for a lost friend.

The feeling passes and you need to distract yourself from dwelling on it, the more you let it get to you the worse it is. Go for a walk, play with your son, do some exercise, just do something.




I feel the same...can't quite figure out what it is i'm missing thought lol...


Thanks Nic - Alison (the wife) has taken Logan out for the day, so I'm home alone and it's pouring outside - hmm what cud I do?

I cud do my essay for college - sounds good 2 me :rolleyes:

Thanks again m8 :)


I used to get really into Big Brother (I've hated the last few!) and would feel just the same when it finished. How sad is that!

Just wouldn't know what to do with myself, felt a bit at a loss.


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