No Smoking Day
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52 Days - Amazed!

Hello All,

Hope everyone is well

Been a while since I was last here - but just felt the need to let you all know that I am keeping fine and still smoke free. Its been an amazing journey up to now - I don't know how close to the Destination of "not thinking about smoking" I am - but it must be getting close as the craves, the thoughts, the anixety that we all felt/are feeling is gone. Its so good to be free. So good.

People around me have commented on how much better I look (albleit I have put on 8 Pounds - damn biscuits). I have just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in March - so training for that at the moment and can feel my fitness levels have jumped hugely.

Packet of Fags - 5:60 per day!

Giving up - Priceless

Hope my teamie is still around!


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Well done Chris

Where has the time gone!

Good luck with the half marathon, I keep thinking I that I should do one myself and they say its the thought that counts :D

Keep up the good work.



Well done, And good luck with the half marathon.

I hope you're really proud of yourself - you should be.


Ditto what they said.....

(and the 8 pounds will shift in time so dont worry about them) :D


Well done and what's an extra 8lb in comparison to not smoking? You'll soon shift that with your training!


:D Yay well done chris !!! you are doing fantastic teamie, keep going and like it has bee said the weight will drop off when you start training .

Tracey x


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