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I have fallen twice , but refuse to give up on giving up !

Hey guys,

this is now my third attempt(bows head down in shame)

The first time I gave up , I lasted around 2-3 months. The second time i don't think can really be counted as i don't even think i lasted a few days.

At the moment I am on my fifth day! I so wanna stop this cycle of smoking and then not smoking. I know me missing it only comes down to I feel sick when i do smoke but its still not that easy.

I think i have learnt my lesson.. i am now learning AGAIN the hardway what it feels like to go through withdrawal. My toughest day so far.

I have now been smoke free for 4 Days, 21 hours, 41 minutes and 9 seconds (4 days). I have saved £15.05 by not smoking 58 cigarettes. Life saved 4 hours and 50 minutes . Quit Date: 15/10/2008 17:40

I have had 2 slip ups but refuse to give up on giving up! I quit for the last time on the 20/10/08

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Most people on here have failed a few times - I can't count how many times I relapsed... but perseverence is a very strong virtue and if you really want to quit, you will.

I wish you all the best, I hope this is the one for you.

Never another puff!


O.k so you have failed before are now ready to see this one out as you have the knowledge that one ciggie leads you back to square one.

Your on day 5 ..that is great!! Keep in mind the reason you went back to smoking and how you could have avoided it. Be prepared for when that time comes again ..and make the right choice this time . Its all about choice and you choose not to smoke!!! Know your reasons for not smoking and remember them! Youre right it isnt easy ...but the rewards are great!!

Good luck and make this your true quit!


you are never alone !!!!!

yep we have all done it....

just the one puff and bang back to round one all over again.

i got to 107 days and felt brilliant until.....

i picked up half a roll up and got egged on to smoke it and like a chump i did.

a year later here i go again on the giving up.

i also quit on 15th october at 9.45 pm and i have gone cold turkey.

this drug is not easy to overcome but i keep seeing myself puffing just one fag and that will put me back to square one all over again and that stops me.

so chin up and remember no matter how much stress in life you have a ciggie pretends to helps but in real terms its your own strength that will see you through.




Welcome Back Princess

Dont keep putting yourself though the first week. day 5 is fab going you are almost past the first week. Keep posting ang stay with us this time you know you can do it. linda xxxxxxxxxx


Welcome back aboard,

Someone once said that failure is not falling its not getting back up again afterwards.

Learn from each unsuccessful attempt and use that knowledge to make this the quit that sticks.

All the best



thank you !

Hey guys,

thanks for your support on this. I really want to do it. Day 6 seems to be going pretty well so far.. I even forgot that I wasn't wearing my patch today :p . Only time will tell now, one day at a time.

thanks again


I have now been smoke free for 5 Days, 16 hours, 26 minutes and 57 seconds (5 days). I have saved £17.46 by not smoking 68 cigarettes. Life saved 5 hours and 40 minutes . Quit Date: 15/10/2008 17:40

I have had 2 slip ups but refuse to give up on giving up! I quit for the last time on the 15/10/08


Hey princess

Youve hit the nail on the head - Only one day at a time . if just for today you chose to be strong and chose freedom over smoking then you will be fine....repeat this process daily :)

Nice going on getting to day 6 - if you are coping o.k without your patch it might be a good time to rid yourself of them. Before you do that take some time to understand what you will feel and why you feel like such. Everyone on the forum will preach to you one thing and that is EDUCATION , why? because it is the most useful tool one can have whilst going through your quit.

There are various website with great stuff on them.

Familiarise yourself with them and read up on anything that applies to you

You say you have quit before but restarted , possibly because you failed to see the pitfalls and the feelings you would have towards smoking even long after you had kicked the addiction. The sites help with understanding this and more importantly preparing you for when those urges do happen.

Good luck.


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