No Smoking Day

Smoking Trap 3

Good morning one and all. Well its day 3 of quitting the smoking trap using nothing but knowledge of the trap. Yesterday went well, had a few funny moments. I really wanted a can of coke so off I went to the vending machine and on my way in front of me was a smoker on her way to have the fix she so thinks she needs. She turned to me and said 'I really need the weed'. In my head I laughed, and proceeded to tell her I am on day 2 of not smoking and feeling great. She said 'You wait you will need it and want it'. I never responded but thought no way I will never be joining you ever again for a fag and this time I knew it was true. I had a chuckle to myself. That takes me onto the smoking trap and fear. Why is it all smokers want other smokers to quit if they are trying but part of them deep down inside wants to see them fail and return to one of them. Well here I will explain my theory. I honestly believe when a fellow smoker decides to leave the rest behind and become a non smoker the smoker wants to see them suceed as it brings hope that one day they too can escape from smoking. Then you have the smoking trap in each and one of us. The evil part of the sub con that wants to see that person fail. Why because it just strengthens in the back of your mind how damn difficult it is to quit. That trap that makes us fear stopping. Well guys and girls its just that a trap to keep you smoking. When you start thinking about it in your foremind you start to realise there is nothing to fear. So here I am at day 3 and am loving my new found inner knowledge that has made this quit so so easy compared to all my other ones.

I remember my last quit a few months back. It was like hell on earth, on day 1 I remember sitting half the night on the lounge floor giving myself hell just wanting to have a fag. Just 1 more and I would be ok. I now look back and laugh at how stupid I was. I now realise I was having a battle with my own mind, well not a battle I was not questioning with logic what the smoking trap wanted. It wanted me to just give in like I did to it and all I could think was want a fag and it lasted for hours. Well this time round if I get a thought I want a fag. I ask myself why? Take the drive home last night, there was a road traffic accident I got caught up in the tailback. My normal reaction without even thinking was to reach down and grab a fag. I suddenly thought to myself and made that action visible in the fore front of my mind and said well you dont smoke no more and the reason you wanted one was because in these situations you are bored. Is smoking a fag going to make you any less bored. Nope cause its not, it occupies you for a few minutes but during those few minutes your still bored its just your distracted for a few minutes. As soon as you put it out your mind focuses back and guess what your bored. So there you have it my continued insight into the smoking trap. I hope it is helping others think about it and logically realise there is nothing to fear in quitting and enjoy the experience.

Right off to work I go....

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Well done, great attitude.

Keep up the good work


All so very true - it sounds like you have your head in the right place and hav worked out the pitfalls and realised that we do not need to smoke and half the addition (imho) is the fear of giving up.


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