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No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Hi All

Gave up on Friday 6pm, so this is effectively day 4 for me. Not using any NRT just trying will-power, water and fruit .

I smoked 10 to 20 a day before .

Past few days have been alot easier than i thought , although i struggled to get to sleep lastnight . Will this continue?

I have had urges to go run to the shops and buy ciggies , but ive found that the urge goes away if you occupy your mind on something else.

Just joined this forum today for a bit of support , i also think it will help me to give up if i get into a routine of reporting my everyday progress.

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Welcome - you are right on a few points.

Firstly, this forum will help - have a good read and pick up some links to other sites that have some incredible information.

Secondly - occupying yourself during the first few days is essential as the craving come pretty often. These soon slow down and get a bit easier to dismiss - so hang in there a bit longer and things get easier.

A lot of people find they have trouble sleeping, but it doesn't last long. Normally only a few days as you get used to a different chemical balance in your body. People who don't smoke need less sleep anyway (in a month I have gone from 8 hours and still feeling tired to 7 hours and feeling wide awake) so it may just be your body adjusting.

Lastly, well done so far- keep going and good to have you onboard :)


Thanks ,

will keep what you have said in mind. I agree that any information can be put to good use . Im having a browse round the forum at present.

I think the hardest part so far has been applying myself to stop!

I would think of stopping everyday but would always apply it to another day . ive took the plunge now and im determined not to let it slip.

Glad the struggling to sleep doesnt last so long..dont know how long i could put up with that.


Well done on getting to day 4 on willpower alone.

The best way to stay off the fags is to educate yourself about the addiction.

Stick around and read through the links on peoples sigs etc and you will learn loads that will help you change the way you view smoking.

All that you have mentioned is normal and passes relatively soon.

All the best



All the best with your quit Chilly you will find plenty of support and info from this site and it's posters.


Well done Chilli

as this is day four for you you will be pleased to know that most of the nicotine has now left your system. This in turn means that any urges to smoke now are mainly "in yer heid" rather than physical.

for positive reinforcement and education on quitting cold turkey, Read more on whyquit (link in my sig). It is full of great information on what to expect etc.

Alsokeep posting on here for support and other advice.

Good luck


hey people , thanks for the support already :)

Just been out for lunchtime - lunchtime is a difficult time for me as i used to cram in as much nicotine into my body as possible for the rest of the day at work....but now its fruit ( oranges) and water . I think im on bout 20 oranges a day now...will have to cut down to tangerines or something :)

I think this forum does help ...as i did have a think about ciggies on my break ...but the thought of what i would be doing to myself and then thinking i would have to go onto that forum and say : Failed , has got me through that little difficult hour.

thanks for the link . that whyquit link really hits home.


Sounds like you're doing great - if you get a chance, read some of these...


Some incredibly moving things on there, and i know what you mean about coming on here to say "Sorry, guys - I wasn't strong enough"... The thought of having to admit that got me through a couple of bad times near the start...


Hey Stuart ...thanks for that link also.

Ive only read week 1 as thats all that applies to me at present, can relate to alot of what the guy says.

I will read the 1 month etc when i get to that stage ...which will ofcourse be in 1 months time :)


Welcome and good luck! You are very brave to go it alone completely!

This site has so much information and the support is invaluable!


Well done Chilly and good going on CT. You come across as really positive and I think it is a good idea to read about the week or month you are quit in when it arrives and not before. On Champix myself but do applaud those that can do it CT.

Keep on going and coming on here for support. Well done again. xx


Hi all

Thanks again for the support and kind words of encouragement :)

Had a great sleep lastnight, Woke up this morning feeling fresh . Im on day 5 now ...think yesterday has been my toughest day so far . Hopefully today will be alot easier . :)


Hi all

Thanks again for the support and kind words of encouragement :)

Had a great sleep lastnight, Woke up this morning feeling fresh . Im on day 5 now ...think yesterday has been my toughest day so far . Hopefully today will be alot easier . :)

You sound very positive - that is incredibly important, and you are doing great! There have to be tough days, but very soon they make way for more and more easy days.

Trust me, I'm an I.T. person... have you tried turning it off and on again?


thanks Stuart and Jan :)

just about to finish work, have a totally different outlook to going home tonight than i did yesterday . Im actually looking forward to going home now. Yesterday i was dreading it.

Been reading alot about giving up smoking and its helped alot, i think its important to learn what good your doing to yourself .

fair play to you Jan for stopping also, how long have you been away from the nasty habit?


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