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Smoking Trap Day 2

Morning All, onto day 2 of escaping the smoking trap. Well last night sleep was very crap. But that was because I felt alert and awake as supposed to my normal feeling cream crackered. I did not once think about wanting a fag, instead I rejoyced in the fact I honestly believe I will never smoke again ever or ever have the desire to.

Now onto the feeling like crap syndrome. On all my other failed attempts and there have been many. I clearly remember how much mental turmoil I was in and now believe it was all down to the trap. I had physical signs on the first day before but not this time. I have felt great, yeah my throat is a bit scratchy but hey I have been chucking poison down my neck for 12 years surely your body is going to start repairing itself slowly overtime. But now I believe its the smoking trap that causes so so many people and me included in the past to fail time and time again. I understand now. There is no need to fear anything as the one thing smoking a fag did was nothing. The smoking trap is so subtle it makes you believe you need it, thats how genius it is and why so so many people fail or forever using willpower to stop.

So onwards and upwards onto day 2 and looking forward to another clean air day. Keep with it everyone.


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That's a great post.

Congratulations, you're doing great.


Well done,

You've got the right mindset there!

Keep up the good work.



Well done, your positive state of mind is bound to help you loads with your quit, good luck!!


Well done Andy - good positive attitude like yours will see you through this.


Hey Andy,

As most of the people who already replied to your thread mentioned, the right mindset is the most important. After reading your post i can also remember that sleeping was a nightmare for almost one month after quitting. Maaaan, that was quit a difficult struggle.

But the positive mindset won and we are now free ! :D

Hope this makes sense and you should always know that you are know alone and there are still people around the world that also have the same difficulties and share the same feelings and desires to be free!

Cheer up again! :D

Charlie R



i understand that leaving smoking is not that easy. Its a step by step process of getting rid of habit. There are many drivers involved in it. One of them is really a good start for the day. Inculcating positive thoughts at start of the day can brighten your time and encourage your spirit to leave cigar. I just got hold of something new for you guys.


this are innovative clocks, that shows new quotes everyday so that you can see life in bright light even in dark times. Have a smoke free time.





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