Quitting in Amsterdam


I've been smoking for almost a year now. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying abroad in Amsterdam from my home school in Lincoln, Nebraska. My twin brother is with me as well, my roommate in a nice flat. This is the third time I've tired to quit, but the first that I'm really taking quite seriously. My reason's for quitting are many, but it really boils down to this: I am not invincible. I'm only 20 years old, I still have time to quite smoking and gain much of my health back. I'm not going to die young or let smoking impact my life any more.

So, I'm away from everyone in my family, removed from my friends back home, I'm ready to leave this part of my life behind me. I've been able to quit for 24 hours before, but after the 24 hour mark I haven't had much success. Tonight at about 9pm will be 24 hours for me without smoking. I feel like hell, but at least weed is legal here! If you're quitting today as well, join me, send me a message or whatever, we'll try and help each other get through it.

Wish me luck!


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  • Good luck

    Welcome to the forum you will get tons of support on her & yes you are young enough to stop and hopefully it wont be too hard for you. Others will come on and give you loads of tips and links to other sites for reading material.

    Just shout if you need any help.

  • Great, thanks so much for the quick reply, will appreciate any support I can get here!

  • Absolutely, welcome and good luck.

    Make sure you have a good look around and you will find a load of great info...

    Not sure about your way of dealing with the cravings by consuming a different drug though... I wouldn't have thought that was a good way forward.

  • Welcome Alec

    I think your doing a great thing and if you have only been smoking a year you should see the benifits really soon. Look forward to getting to know you. But as Stu said you maybe better off leaving that weed where it is. Linda xxxx

  • The other posters are right don't smoke the illegals, bake them in a cake instead! ;)

    Seriously Amsterdam, good luck with knocking the fags on the head.

  • How did you go Quitting-in-Amsterdam? Are you still smoke free?

    What did you find the hardest part? Just the nicotine cravings?

  • Still Here!

    Still here and still smoke free. I'll post a more extensive post in the week 2 experiences!



  • Still here and still smoke free. I'll post a more extensive post in the week 2 experiences!



    Well done Alec,

    I'll look forward to reading the post from your new "room" :)

    All the best


  • Yeh, hang in there Alec.

    Would love to hear how you go over time.

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