No Smoking Day

Caving !!!!!

Hi everyone

Unfortunately I am back to day 1, I lapsed yesterday and I smoked myself to death, 35 cigarettes :eek::eek::eek:.. All that after quittng for 2 months, It seems like it is hapening to me every month though as I caved last month.

I just finished day one, I did suffer though as the monster if wide awake but hopefully not as strong.

I hope this is the last time as I am planing to joing the gym tommorow.

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Most of us have tried a few times, this time "feels" different for me - don't feel bad about caving, just learn from it and use the knowledge to finally beat it.


Thats too bad,

Its worth reading these 2 posts if you haven't already

Great idea to get some exercise, I find it really helps.

All the best



I posted the following in another thread but maybe it will help to post it here again:

If you are thinking about having a puff, have a read here:

and after that, have a read here:

and then have a read here:

and after that, find other articles on your own.....

Reading them won't necessarily stop you from relapsing.

But at least you will be a wee bit wiser and understand the consequences of relapsing a bit more.

There is NO excuse to relapse. There is NO situation which will be made better by having a cigarette. Any problem will still be there except you will have compounded the issue by smoking.

Hard but true and anyone who has recently relapsed will understand that deep down the cigarette did NOT help them in any way, or make them feel better.

This is a hard addiction to escape from but it can be done.

Just Never Take Another Puff

or as we say in Glasgow:

Dont Be So F£$%ing Stupid!!!!


Don't beat yourself up about it...just get back in the saddle PDQ:p

Most of us take several (in my case many) attempts to quit...

Never quit quitting...

be strong, and STOP



LOL Phil

I do like your attitude,


If anyone did that to me, I wouldn't get the chance to do that - on the 2nd time I would stop the car... "you know I don't smoke anymore, you muppet - now get out of my car".

Since I live in Norfolk, there is every chance he would be at least 10 miles from civilisation :D

But I really like your style, Phil.


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