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Help me

Ok where do i start? With a stupid excuse? I smoked yesterday.

I managed it for 6 days and then when i should have been celebrating on the 7th day, i caved. One phone call, bad news and i was weak enough to smoke.

Someone kick me up the arse!

Why cant i handle stress without a smoke? I was wearing a patch, but i still smoked, ive been awake all night, worrying in case i smoke again today.Ive let my family down, but mostly myself!

I so desperately want to be smokefree, but everytime something goes wrong (and there will be more this week) am i just going to give in?

What do i do?

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*kicks Laurasmum up the arse*

OK. Smoking is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

It sounds to me like you need to understand a bit more about yourself and your addiction - so I suggest you try some reading. Try to get hold of a copy of Allen Carr's book "the easy way to stop smoking", and have a read of Joels articles on

Just have a trawl around the web and read everything you can find - hopefully something you find will "click" with you and help you understand why you did what you did yesterday.

It's a shame you're back at day 1, but there is still no reason you cannot succeed at this :)

It's possible that NRT is not for you, it wasn't for me - it didn't help to have nicotine with no smoke, although it does help a lot of people. If that's the case, then try something else :)

I'm really happy to hear how determined you are though - thats very important if you ask me.


Hi Stuart

I have ordered a copy of Allen Carrs book, im hoping it arrives today. I have a doctors appointment too, to discuss other NRT available or wether its right for me.

I will do my best today, im so mad at myself i feel like a loser. Im not wearing a patch today and so far i havent craved once, i actually feel better without anything on.

Thank you for replying to my post, i feel a bit better now.:o


A lot of people seem to find the "cold turkey" way of doings things a lot easier that using any product to help - but others find cold turkey too much of a shock.

The good thing about not using NRT is that in 3 days theres no nicotine in your system and therefore you get the hardest part out of the way while your resolve is stronger - but some people prefer to wait until they are comfortable without a cigarette before they come off of nicotine.

It's all about whats best for you, but there seems to be one thing thats good for every one - and that's reading and learning about the process as well as learning about the addiction. It seems to lead to less worrying about "symptoms" and more joy during the process.

Very good luck to you.



Don't beat yourself up most of us have caved at some point or another none of us are infallible the good thing is your trying again and educating yourself to the reasons why you caved.

Brush yourself down and try try again. Were all with you.


Hi Laurasmum, just to echo what Stuart said, NRT isn't right for everyone, we are all different. I am cold Turkey and that (along with alot of reading up on things an support) is working for me, i have tried to quit with patches before but it just didn't help me, i also tried one of the inhalator thingys, but only used it in an emergency (i.e. the point that you got to when you had that cigarette) i only puffed on it twice ( this was a few years ago!) maybe trying cold Turkey with an inhalator for emergencies could be an idea??? at least with the inhalator you only take the nicotine when you are desperate. Hope the doctors app goes well, stay positive, you are only human and need to focus on the fact that you DO want to quit, you CAN and WILL do it, it may be just taking a while to figure out the best way for you. Don't worry about letting people down, i'm sure they are incredibly proud that you are trying your best, that you want to quit and will be supportive throughout the process. Here with with you all the way **arm round your shoulder*** xxx


Loads of fantastic advice and support, one other thing though.

Next time you feel that you are going to cave, if you can get online post and tell us. Hopefully someone will see it and kick you before you spark up.:D

As has been said before; failure is not falling off, its not getting back on again.

All the best



Good move buying AC book - I hope it comes today too :)


JUNKIE THINKING: “I really need to smoke now, I’m so upset.”

RESPONSE: “Smoking is not going to fix anything. I’ll still be upset, I’ll just be an upset smoker. I never have to have a cigarette. Smoking is not a need; it’s a want. Once the crisis is over, I’ll be relieved and grateful I’m still not smoking.”


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