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29 Days !!

:D hi everyone hope you are all still well and smoke free !! well it's day 29 for me (4 weeks just over ) and feeling better today. the bad wind i suffered has now gone ( yay i can now stand in a shop quee without worrying !! lol ), the cravings are happening a lot less often now that when they do come they last a matter of minutes not half an hour and the restlessness has eased aswell :D. the only thing i can moan about it that i still can't get my quit meter to work apart from that all is good .

Hope everyone else is doing well

Tracey x

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Well done, very nearly a calendar month. I reckon you've got it sussed :D

Good to hear you're doing well on it too.


Well done Tracey

You are doing Fab,

It must be a relief that the wind has passed :rolleyes: and that the only emission you have to worry about are from the car :D

Keep up the good work



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