Fourteen Months

Another month rolls by, the 14th one this time. Pretty crazy really, sometimes I wonder how it was all possible. Just goes to show you, the things that are possible when you really put your mind to it.

Funny this was the first time the date crept up on me without realising, previously I've always anticipated the 23rd coming round to celebrate another 'notch' but this one genuinely caught me offguard. It was only logging in here that made me notice it. I'm sure thats a good thing. :)

Keep it up ya'll, stay positive and never have another puff.

All the best.

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  • Wow 14 months SV thats terrific.

    isnt it funny how a lot of the Milestones are about this time of the month....

    Is there something in that do you think??

  • Well done SV

    14 months bet you feel great. xxxxxx

  • Great going SV

    An amazing achievemnt.

  • Congratulations supervillain, always good to see someone doing so well esp lately when people are falling off the wagon like snow off a ditch :)

  • Brilliant Sv, an inspiration to us all. :)

  • I can only pray that I get to where you are now.

    Congratulations, job well done... but never let your guard down ;)

  • Well done Supervillain, you have been one of my inspirations on here:D

  • Wow! SV - you've been stopped TWICE as long as me!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    But there again, you are probably twice as old :p

    Joking!!!!!! :D Don't go in a huff!

    Well done, I think you must be the King of these boards :)

  • Congratulations SV!

    What you say about not realising the date has come round -

    - I just passed my eighth month mark on the 21st (another early 20's quitter there for X-files tkdjohn!!!) and had to be reminded by my lovely quit buddy Jude!!

  • Cheers all!

  • 14 months thats fantastic,the 23thrd that sounds familiar.......

    Anyway congrats and I know you got it beat for good...:)

  • Well done SV.

    We are only a month behind you.

    Welll done. :)

  • Congratulations SV on 14 months quit - all the best for the next 14 months



  • No new thread, just a quick note its 15 months tomorrow.

    Many thanks and all the best to everyone!

  • Congratulations

    15 months is fantastic.

  • I'll never catch you up - but I remember being in awe of you all as a newbie some 11 months ago:)

  • Well done SV 3 months into your second year. BIG CONGRATS. xxxxxxxxx

  • well done thats great!!! an inspiration to people!

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