No Smoking Day

couldnt do it

sorry if this message appears all over the place in different places, but just trying to get used to usiing this forum.

i did not manage the whole day - sorry.

the morning was a nigtmare.

not bad at work but have never ever smoked there anyway ;

but the minute i come home - chimney

i find morings

being at home very difficult

trying again in the morning any tips.

trying to do thiscold turkey

would it be a good idea to use lozenges for the morning period and after wokr, or would this make the process longer.


thanks sharon

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Hi Sharon!

Sorry to hear that you struggled but do not beat yourself up too much. At least you are trying. Some tips from someone who is not an expert (on Day 8)

1. Get your head right - read, read and read even more. Understand the "triggers" and embrace them - is a great website.

2. Home is a big trigger by the sounds of it - how about getting home later or find something you can do each night - exercise at a gym perhaps!

3. Did you cold turkey it - I am on patches - just to take the edge off - I could never do CT - you need to experiment and see what works for you.

4. Set a new quit date - maybe go and see your doctor before hand.

We are all here for you!


I am using lozenges and find them to be good. Other people have found them not so good. Basically its whatever works for you.

Educate yourself about the addiction, it will help you understand why you feel the way you, and can help you work out how to get through.

The first few days are the worst, and once you have overcome them it will get much better.

Keep telling yourself that although you are feeling bad due to withdrawal those feelings are inconvenient and unpleasant but not life threatening, while giving in and smoking most definitely is life threatening.

Be strong and you can see it through!

All the best



hi sharon,

Just though i would share with you some tips that helped me thrugh my first couple of days :)

you say mornings are a bad time for you ?? they are not to good for me either but i am on 24 hour patches so they take the edge of it slightly but the other thing that i used to start with was the inhalator maybe if you miss the whole hand mouth action it might be worth giving that a try ??

the second bit of advice i would give to anyone is to try changing your routine slightly you know instead of having a smoke first thing have a shower instead, do the washing up straight after you have eaten , if you feeling bored go online play some games basicaly a little change can make a big difference and before you know it that craving would have passed .

anyway sorry to ramble on but hope it has helped a bit :)

Tracey x

tracey - Free and Healing for Eight Days, 4 Hours and 48 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 3 Hours, by avoiding the use of 328 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £81.70.


Try some help


Hi, I'm a very recent quitter (on day 3) - have been smoking for 34 years and couldn't get through day one either - before now. Mornings were my worst time aswell.

Enrol on the NHS stop smoking programmee - they are there to help and will find the right way of getting you through - be it with patches/lozenges etc.

I have tried most things over the years including hypnotherapy and acupuncture but nothing helped because I didn't actually want to quit at those times.

This time is different and the programme helps you to get in the right frame of mind.

Give it a try and ring them today.

Good luck



The right name for this topic is "Can do it!" And it's also easy to know how you can do it. Tons of information are right here inside the web.


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