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Hi Everyone

I quit smoking about 5 weeks ago, I stoped the gum NRT a week ago. I had my ups and down but for the last 3 days its beeg realy tough even harder than the the first few days with the lack of concentration, being dizzy all day, constantly thinking about lighting, feeling very miserable and having very deep thoughts when i a supposed to do some work. I have managed for the last couple of days but today was tough all morning by luch time i couldn't stop myself anymore so i had light a cigarette after 5 weeks and waaawww,

I knid of forgot how to smoke properly and it wasn't going down normally, i had to retrain for the first few puffs, and it was sooooooo bloody niceeeeee,

Its such a shame that its harmfull to our body.

Anyway, to be honest i didn't regret smoking that fag even after a month because there is only me who knows how BAD I was suffering and really means it, I am glad my mate gave me that fag otherwise i was goin to buy a pack.

Now I amback on here mentally broke, but still hoping I will be winning the fight because to be honest if themsevere urges will last for longer I am not too sure if I can make it. It has been a while since I stopped now and i wasn't expecting to be Shaking like a junky after a month of 100% nicotine free.

Best of Luck to everyone

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sorry to hear you caved...but most of us on here have tried many times to quit before succeeding...and brave of you to come on here and admit you smoked!! And enjoyed it!!

but the fact that you have come back to the forum makes me suspect that you do really want to quit...maybe its time for a different approach...have you thought of asking your doc for Champix? Was a wonder drug for me and quite a few others on here have used it...

and have you read Alan Carr? again many on here swear by his books...

hope you do try again when you are good and ready - you have to quit for you, no-one else...

never quit quitting

good luck



Hi Guys

Justan update, I didn't relapse completly, I just had theone yesterday lunch time.

And I think that MOJO is right, I am the one making myself feeling the urge.

As I am typing right now there is my mates cigarettes pack in front of me and I am not touching it.


I have been quit for 1 Month, 3 Days, 17 hours, 22 minutes and 9 seconds (34 days). I have saved £201.82 by not smoking 868 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Days and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/07/2008 02:09


Sorry to here you smoked,Hopefully you learned something from it and wont do it again......Good luck


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