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New job

I started a new job yesterday.well actually same job different company.

I could not believe it when someone said most people here smoke.

It turns out out of eleven employees eight smoke, It made me think of starting again.

I said to the bloke I was working with,everytime you have a cig,I will have a nicorett microtab :)

20 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes and 4 seconds (20 days).

I've not smoked 811 death sticks, and saved £113.29.

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I work with someone who smokes and you can smell it as soon as they come back into the office.

Its horrible to think I used to smell as bad.


I think the worst smell,is when someone is wet and has just had a smoke.

That made me stop once,I thought god I must smell like that.



its the smell of stale smoke that puts me of starting again everytime i have a really bad day n crave nicotine i smell a fag or ash tray or whatever stinks of fags whereever possible it really puts me off its highly disgusting to think i used to moan at people when they whinged about the smell of fags when i was smokin in my own house.


I really notice the smell now. There's 3 people in my department who I used to smoke with (my smoking buddies I suppose) and now every time one of them comes back in I can smell it soon as they walk through the door, and I think urgghhh!!! It makes me ashamed that I used to smell like that. But now I can actually fabric conditioner on my clothes! I've always used loads but could never smell it until now. Maybe one day those poor deluded people who think they like smoking will realise just how minging it really is. I'm nee preacher, and would never tell anyone to stop, but they really are mugs!!!

*feels a bit ashamed for sounding all self righteous n stuff*


Loads of my colleagues smoke too, though not as many as there used to be. Seeing them smoke and smelling them never made me want to join in. Why would you want to? Let them all congregate on the cancer ward in 30 years and see how much fun that is. I can't nag them because I smoked for so long myself but we have no reason to envy them a dirty, life taking, body destroying addiction.

Read Read Read!!


Most of my colleagues smoke as well - it was hard when I went outside and they were smoking. I used to go up to them and then go away because the smell was so bad!! Like Suzy said, the smell puts u off - it really does.

I can't believe I used to smell like that!! :eek:


Today is 21 days since I quit :D:D:D

21 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes and 35 seconds (21 days).

I've not smoked 851 death sticks, and saved £118.86.


Hey, you've started week 4.

Well done,


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