No Smoking Day
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My reason for quitting

I did the Bungay marathon this year,and started smoking the very next day.

That was nearly five months ago since I started again,and I have put on 1.5 stone, and got back upto 40 cigs aday.

I woke up 2 weeks ago so fat and unable to breath I thought F**K this I had better give up.

My breathing is alreasy better,the weight is still the same.

And I am planning on joining a running club again this week

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I think Carl has a good point there!

Ahhhhh your good! Running is something I haven't managed since I was about 18! I am a member of a Curves gym so I am wondering if I might get away without putting weight on. I am surprised you put weight on WHILST smoking! I used to rather smoke than eat!

Good luck though. Week 2 is what I am looking forward to! Then week 3. Week 4 I will be doing cartwheeels through this site! ha


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