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nearly a month

well i cant believe it its almost a month since i quit smoking my stats are

3w 4d 20h32mins 59sec

i have not smoked 594 cigarettes

saved 2 d 1 h 30 mins of my life

im so pleased with my self im startin to feel niggly again but ive felt alot worse 2 weeks ago so i have complete faith in myself to overcome it without resortin to going bk to smell old sticks. well i need to go do something keep myself busy cos i have urge to smoke but i will not dont worry i aint caving. i aint cold turkeyin again lol.

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Congrats your doing great.Almost a month...........KEEP BUSY....:D


yep suzy, that's us nearly a month gone - me 2moro, u tuesday!! go us!! WELL DONE U :D


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