13 days and counting

Day 13 and still going strong.

One problem that I still have to contend with is the drinking,but even that has not made me want a cig.

I am using an inhalator now and no patches

I have stopped nicotine for 13 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes and 38 seconds.

I've not smoked 524 death sticks, and saved £73.16.

I've saved 1 day, 19 hours and 40 minutes of my life.

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  • Well done to you,your doing very well shaz

  • Great job Hopeless,I guess all is not hopeless.13 days and going strong ....CONGRATS TO YOU<WELLDONE:D

  • Well done keep it up 2 weeks smoke free tomorrow

  • well done..:D

    some people have a problem with drinking when they quit some don't - I carried on drinking, if anything drink more these days now not smoking:(

    gotta have some vices;)

    good luck it'll get easier as time flies by...


  • It is now actually 14 days and three hours:D:

    Better get the beers out for a celebration :D:D:D

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