No Smoking Day
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day 6 feeling good so far

Hi all,feeling so much better today,i,m starting to feel a lot more healthier as well ,don,t know if it,s all in my head but feel like i,ve got more energy,i,m able to get up in the mornings without feeling like i have,nt slept all night,what ever i like the way i,m starting to feel.The hardest thing at the mo is hubby is still smoking,he does try to smoke away from me but a lot of the time he still smokes in the house and the smell really gets to me,i,m also finding that certain smells are starting to turn my stomach ,well hope every one else is going ok shaz

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glad you feeling better today.........Keep going and you will have many good days...:D


Well done sooooooooo pleased your feeling better today. xxxx


Thanks all,still feeling ok,i,ve found taking a good few deep breaths has never felt so good now i,vepacked in and it helps with the cravings:Dshaz


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