No Smoking Day

Day 1 - Newbie


I have reached the end of my 1st day as a non smoker.....this is my 3rd attempt so I no what lies ahead. :( I have never been on a forum before though. I am using the patches I have never used these before either and my 1st day has been easier than usual.

I am 27 and I have smoked since I was 14. I smoked around 15 per day. I am determined to succeed this time!!! Reasons for quitting my health feel about 47 when im walking up stairs or up hills, my skin, my daughter and myself - i need the extra cash too!

Anyone got any tips they would be much appreciated!


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Well being I am 47 I feel real old now.....

It is good that you are quitting at a younger age.

How long did you make it on your last attempts?



I first lasted 3 days then a week cold turkey!!! it was awful I had really bad cravings in the first day the patches are much better for me...I am in more determined frame of mind this time too!!!!

Sorry... ur as old as u feel!!!! i dont feel 27!!!! :rolleyes:


Hi curligirl and welcome to the forums,and well done on completing the 1st day.I have always found sipping on cold water helps maybe carry a bottle with you.And having a positive attitude you seem very determined and have great reasons for quitting,im sure you will be fine.Good luck with your quit.



There are alot of nrt people on here,read some of the posts in the tips section and keep posting I am a cold turkey fan so other than wishing you luck on your quit I do not know enough about nrt to give the best advice....

Good luck on your quit.....You can do it...:D


Welcome Curlgirl

You will get great support here the first week is always the worse ct or nrt I used bothin diffrent quits. Just take one day at a time one hour if needed it will get easyer as the days pass. Congrats on your quit you are very wise quitting so young. Hope day two gose well for you . Linda xxxxxxx


Good luck

Hey good luck on your quit,

I`m 27 & quit for the same reasons, you have come to a great place for advice & help/motivation, like dubbs47 I'm currently on trial with cold turkey so my advice is also limited.

Keep reading, learning, and remember, when you think all would be better after a smoke it certainly won't, we all feel it, we imagine the whole process of putting a cig between your lips and lighting, inhaling, & so on.

But we wait, until the crave goes away, moments away, not long to wait, it will pass, you are not alone we all find it hard but it goes, each crave gone is a milestone, pack yourself on the back.

Hard at the beginning but as each day passes, the gap between a crave gets further, we all feel the same, just train your mind as best as you can and keep posting here!

Good luck ;)


Any update curligirl........YOu still quitting?


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